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Our video store received a single copy of Delgo around 2009 and I kid you not that movie was checked out only 2 times between then and when I left in 2012. My boss was livid because we always used to get at least 15-20 copies of new kids movies to keep up with demand, turns out he didn't need to worry.
critcrockett critcrockett Said:




Nobody likes Delgo.

There is nothing even ironically amusing about Delgo.

wow I am looking up this dumb movie and there are a lot of really good and really popular actors on this list

Poor Eric Idle, why is he in so many shitty movies?

The only person I can think of who likes Delgo is one of my teachers… Who co-directed Delgo.

I’m selling these to make room!
They are the Play Arts figures for Yuna, Riku, and Paine.
They’re about 6.5” tall, come with stands, and extra sets of hands for each figure, with or without weapons. They have some very nice articulation for posing.

I originally purchased these from Gamestop, so they are actual SquareEnix merchandise. They have been taken care of, come from a smoke-free home, and have been kept out of the sun. They do not come with their original boxes.

EBay Link

I don’t know what’s worse: The fact that I’m considering about fibbing on my resume to get a job or that I’m considering to work again at Waffle House.


Clearer Monster High catalog scans via Armagedon Toys

God, someone punch me in the face, I can’t deal with this right now. Wallet, why do you forsake me?



Twitter / UniteBlueOK: #FallinIsFailing #CleanEnergy …

people who install solar panels and feed power into the grid will have to pay a fee (FINE) which is like charging you at the grocery store for food you grow yourself.

I hate this back assward hack.

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iPad mini version of the wallpaper from a few weeks back.
Turn perspective zoom off when choosing it for best fit.

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Simple & Clean (Orchestra) 

Do you ever find songs that just make your heart hurt? That are so nostalgic and shaped your life in more ways than you ever imagined a song could? That this song connects you to so many important people in your life, and every time you hear it you just want to smile and laugh and cry and curl up all at the same time? For me, this is that song.

this is the song that dreams are made of

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Zombie Shake Rochelle.some very quick photos. Love the little details like her Notre Dame inspired bag and little brain top hat. Oh and she has claw hands.

Need the purse. Need the dress. Need need need

Auuuugh, why does she only come in a two pack?
*flop flails onto the floor*


In the studio with Kimberly & listening to Anais Mitchell

Sweet baby Jesus, tag yer porn.

(One day, I will own a letter press. One day. Or just work for Hatch Show Prints.)





animaniacs was ahead of its time

I have to remind myself and the angry fandom side of tumblr about this periodically or this damn website might implode


Warner Bros. Animation studios was one of the first, if not the first, major media producers to be introduced to, and subsequently effected by, internet “nerd” culture.

Tiny Toon Adventures was on television around the time the internet started to gain popularity, and Warner Bros. found themselves the unwilling targets of various letters and emails from several people in the furry fandom (which, before this point, had been mostly unheard of), requesting naked pictures of Babs Bunny and other characters. One dude in particular sent scores of letters to Tress MacNielle, Babs’ voice actress, describing sexual acts that he wanted to do to the characters she voiced. It became such a problem that Tress began cancelling appearances and soon lost interest in working on Tiny Toons altogether. The show was canceled not long after that.

The man who continually harassed Tress became the inspiration and base model for the “obsessed internet nerd” trope character that would appear at the end of the final episode of Tiny Toons (as “the most frightening thing in the world”), as well as in future shows, such as Animaniacs.

Good ole’ Dennis Falk,